<Media T. Support Tech> Hi, how can I assist you today?

David Levey Hey Daniel, how are you?

<Media T. Support Tech> Im good David, how are you?

David Levey Killer, thanks.

Just signed up for the WordPress Premium hosting. I entered my domain (edstruethoughts.com) I've followed all intructions/steps from emails and links. However, no nameserver information has been provided for my domain.

What am I supposed to point it to?

<Media T. Support Tech> Give me a few moments to look over your account David, and I'll be right with you

The premium WordPress you have is currently already being hosted by us.

Where did you need to point it?

David Levey When signing up for the hosting service, theres an option to buy a domain, or to "bring your own". I have my own domain name already, using my nameservers, pointing to my other hosting IP. | How do I update the domain to use the hosting that I've just purchased with MediaTemple?

I hope I've phrased that better.

<Media T. Support Tech> Let me double check for you David.

So you would use our Name-servers: ns1.mediatemple.net & ns2.mediatemple.net

David Levey Alright cool, how about if I wanted to continue using my own name servers, is that possible?

<Media T. Support Tech> Unfortunately not.

David Levey Ok Daniel, can you do me a favor?www.edstruethoughts.com >> That's the domain. If you go there, you'll see it's your hosting page. But if you go tohttp://www.intodns.com/edstruethoughts.com (DNS Info) It will show my nameservers. Why's that?

<Media T. Support Tech> Give me a second while IO take a look.

Not sure David.

David Levey Alright bud, preciate ya.

<Media T. Support Tech> Definitley.

Is there anything else I can assist you with this evening?

David Levey Hah, no.